Friday, January 24, 2014

Christina at 5 months

Sweet baby girl is 5 months old today, which was eventful and ended up in the emergency room! (All is well now, her feeding tube fell out. Which was a little scary because the hole in her stomach will start healing as soon as the tube comes out, and if you don't get it put back in very soon you risk having to have surgery again. So we needed to get a new one inserted back in ASAP. But all went fine and crisis averted!)

Anyhow, Christina is 5 months old now! Time has a funny way of feeling both like it's flying by and that things happened a lifetime ago. And I think I view Christina's life thus far as both perspectives. Since her arrival, life seems like it flipped our world upside down at times, but we also feel very happy and very blessed. We love and adore our tiny little bundle and we hope she can stand all of us!

Here are some factoids about how she's doing now:

She weighs 8 lbs., 8 oz. She's huge (for her)!

She discovered her hands and loves to suck on them to self-soothe or when she's getting hungry.

She favors her left side of her body and will always try to turn that way to sleep or when she's held, etc.

She seems very social because if we are around people or have people over she is much more alert and looking around.

She is still a very sleepy and placid baby, but she has more and more moments of wakefulness throughout the day.

She has become quite feisty and strong when she is mad about something. She kicks like crazy!

She still hates bright lights and natural light is the worst. We keep our house very dark for her.

She turns her head to familiar sound and she sometimes turns her head to look at the tv.

She likes to nurse while I simultaneously feed her with her feeding tube. I still make her try to eat orally almost every time, but her oral eating has gone very downhill since the feeding tube.

She likes baths and massage.

She still doesn't smile, coo, or make eye contact.

She likes car rides and does wonderfully on outings.

She has warmed up to James and Brian and is able to be calmed and soothed by them (to a point).

She is very cuddly and still loves to be swaddled.

She cares and gets mad about having a wet or dirty diaper. We are happy she has opinions and lets them known.

She is ticklish on her sides.

She has become much fussier since the feeding tube, I assume it is because we are forcing her to eat a lot more food and this puts pressure in her tummy.

Look at that cute tongue!


  1. Wow she looks so much older! Maybe because she's so alert in these pictures :). I love all these updates!

  2. Awww!! Little sweetheart! She's looking great. Glad everything went okay with getting the feeding tube back in, I bet that was a little scary.