Friday, June 28, 2013

32 Weeks

By the time my husband gets home from work I am usually (un)dressed in my bathrobe these days, so in order to get a picture of myself actually clothed I have to take a "selfie" (?) But just to be clear, even pregnant, I do believe in putting your best foot forward and getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup daily. I just don't commit to staying that way the entire day. ie wake up, get "dolled-up", run errands and by 2 PM I'm in my PJs, mind you cute PJs and my hair and makeup are still done! All this to say is that I am not a good photographer by any means and especially not of myself! But here I am at 32 weeks! Eight months pregnant and in the home stretch! 

Though it has been very hot in Vegas, I enjoy being pregnant and love trying to find creative ways to stay stylish and doing it on a budget! To report on baby, we are having a GIRL! James is excited to be a big brother and loves saying hi to Sister in my belly. I'm not sure how much he understands, but he's been watching "Call the Midwife" with me and I think he gets some of it! 

James' Third Birthday

The Birthday Boy!

Last week, James turned three and had a super fun birthday. Luckily, he is happy with whatever we do and as long as it includes an outing or two he is happy to go along! From Grandma and Grandpa VanDerwerken he got a Spiderman toy that everyone, including grown men, think is pretty awesome and try to take from him! Grandma and Grandpa Nelson got him a kiddie pool to help stay cool this very hot summer! From Brian and me and got the two things he asked for: a huge Costco container of juice boxes and a bag of fake bugs. 

As tradition we went to James' favorite restaurant, In-n-Out for dinner and then had cake. I was a nice, low-key family day!

Crazy to think my little man is already three! He is such a fun and good-natured boy! We love him so much! happy birthday James!

Friday, June 14, 2013

NY Trip

James and I spent two weeks in New York to visit my family. I wanted to travel before I was too late in my pregnancy to fly and also to give Brian a chance to get ahead in studying for the Bar Exam without our distraction. It turned out to be a little reunion sans Brian which was fun. All four grandkids got to play together. Aren't they all so adorable!?

James and his Auntie Jenny

 I love the very dynamic weather in the northeast. Everyday it was something different and lots of rain which I loved since it rains only about four times a year in Las Vegas. James was confused by the rain and asked why it was dark during the day and he was curious why grandma's car would often be wet! It's funny to see how James processes things in his mind and how he communicates things since he has recently started talking in sentences. 

 A mini photo shoot so grandma could have some current pictures of James around her house.

James with his Spiderman suitcase and favorite Addias soccer outfit. (He saw it at Costco and begged to get it! And Brian says that men don't wear "outfits", so  to be clear that is my terminology not James' or Brian's)

On the plane headed back to Las Vegas. Happy to see Brian again, but James already misses Grandma, Grandpa and Jenny!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Photos of James

A girlfriend of mine was nice enough to take some pictures of James for me. Most of the photo taking at our house are candid ones that are out of focus from my iPod. But luckily my friend is really talented and was nice enough to do a little photo shoot of James!

James is a hard one to make sit and pose for a picture, not to mention keep clean when outside! This park was populated by lots of roaming birds and I found the peacocks to be the most interesting. We must have gone at the perfect time because it was mating season and the birds where "peacocking" and spreading out their beautiful feathers and making these horrible sounding mating calls! All the kids, and myself, were pretty entertained by the birds' theatrics. It was like watching a high school dance!

Being mischievous! 

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
James with two of my friend's cute kids.