Friday, March 29, 2013

My Little Superman

 What could be cuter than a boy in cape? 

A man in a cape! Completely kidding. 

I found this Superman t-shirt with attachable cape on sale at H&M. When James saw it his eyes lit up with pure joy and I knew he had to have it! He has been wearing it for over 24 hours and I cannot get him to take it off! 

He knows he's pretty cool stuff when he wears his Superman shirt. And everywhere we go he gets really fun reactions from people. I mean who could resist a cute superhero in a cape walking around the gas station? 

What a fun boy he is!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Growing Family

We are very happy and excited to announce that baby number two is on the way! My belly has recently made its debute and hiding the pregnancy was getting harder to do!

James liked posing for the camera too and I can't decide if he looks more like Brian or my older brother John in this picture! 


- 19 weeks 

- Due end of August (hoping to be induced again...)

- Weight gain is six pounds

- No morning sickness

- Completely exhausted -- James thinks I've been boring and lame but I'm getting some energy back

- Did not like Diet Coke for the first few months -- I know, hard to believe

- All over maternity jeans now (I don't understand why people brag about wearing their normal jeans during the whole pregnancy -- Super uncomfortable -- I love my stretchy, skinny, full-panel maternity jeans!)

- No major food cravings

- High risk for the first 12 weeks which was nice because I could call & get in to see the doctor immediately & even got calls home from my doctor

- Having gallbladder issues but if I don't eat fatty foods I don't feel like I'm dying

- No new stretchmarks

- Find out the sex next week

- Very, very excited about our growing family!