Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birthday Suit and Very Hot Baths

I took this picture back on Christina's birthday right at bedtime. She is fresh out of the bath and in yummy white pajamas. There is something just so delicious about a baby that is freshly fed, bathed, (in her case medicated), lotioned and ready for bed! And she of course assumes her favorite yoga pose! 

Strangely, baby girl likes very hot bathes. I obviously don't let her enjoy them as hot as she would like as to avoid overheating! But like me, I can tell she likes a scalding hot bath. I discovered this because I tend to have her take baths with me because it's difficult to have her use a baby bath since she can't hold up her torso or head. So one evening, I had drawn a fairly hot bath for myself (to listen to my Dave Ramsey podcast, my nightly ritual) and then figured maybe I'd just quickly bathe Christina too. I put just her feet in to see how she would react to the searing water. A smile ensued and relaxation took over as I dipped her deeper and deeper in! She is such a cute and funny little girl!