Sunday, July 27, 2014

These two kiddos are my favorite!

 Watching James and Christina play is the cutest thing! They mutually have fun with each other. Anything James does she finds hilarious and entertaining! Which is very helpful since I will assign James to play (babysit) with sissy and keep her happy so I can shower and do my makeup or wash the kitchen floor, etc. 

You know when you are in a bad mood or stressed about something and there are a few things that can lift your mood. For me it is taking a bath with a Diet Coke and listening to Dave Ramsey, or looking at the picture below! She is just so darn cute and bashful!

And my sweet baby James, who isn't a baby at all anymore, is just as fun as ever! Such a big boy who wishes he was going to school in the fall, too bad for him he has to wait until 2015. I'm just glad I get a year more to enjoy with him!

Baby girl gets around on her knees sometimes, but lately she has been popping her bum in the air like downward dog and walking around with her head on the floor! She's even started attempting to lift her head, but it's not too easy for her. She learned that she can rest her chin and face on her arm to look around a little better. 

And she loves blankets and stuffed animals in her bed. I will put one or two in there and she will reach around until she finds one and cuddle with it. I've tested her and moved them away from her and she will move to find it! She's such a little cuddle bug!

Miss Chris has been adding some more teeth to her mouth and with that has come a crabby girl. At church this week she was so out of sorts but still very dolled up! I did manage to get her to smirk a little, she was resisting though! Oh and those dimples!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birthday Camping Trip

For James' and Brian's birthdays they wanted to go camping in the mountains with grandpa! They all had a blast hiking, fishing, and camping! The only downfall was that all three shared a two-man tent! They reported it was a tight fit!

Waiting for grandpa at the meetup spot. Brian let James have a Coke since he had been so patient after the long drive and then they had to wait some more!

Found grandpa and then they were on their way to the mountains.

Lots of fishing and hiking.


And some more fishing in the morning!

A look at the tiny tent! And then off for some ice cream and shakes before heading home. These boys were in hog heaven after a fun camping trip. And I had a fun girls' weekend with just me and baby Christina, shopping and eating out!