Monday, June 6, 2016

Baby Christina and Music

Once again, I find myself blogging about our sweet little Christina. I just can't help it! How could she not be your favorite! While I, of course, love Claire and James to the moon and back, they are boring, normal developing children! All kidding aside, Brian says I can't just blog about baby Christina and that I need to balance out my blog topics with other things too! (But honestly most of the people that read my blog only care about what baby Christina is up to anyway!)

For those that knew my brother James or ever came to my house growing up, you would know how much he loved music, and especially opera music, no, especially male vocalist opera music. He liked other music too, but that was by far his most favorite.

Our sweet little Christina also seems to have an affinity toward music as well. We have had her listen to all different types of music from contemporary to the classics. And like my brother she clearly has her favorites.

She does not like current music like Taylor Swift or really anything on the radio these days. She likes religious music, especially The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She also like opera like my brother James. But what we have found to be her favorite thus far is none other than Karen Carpenter!

She will sit (or lie) and listen to The Carpenters for hours! Sometimes just relaxing and other times you see her swaying to the music. I grew up listening to The Carpenters so it is at least music I like and can tolerate listening to on a loop! Because Christina's life is simple and diminutive it brings such joy for her to have things that she loves and enjoys.

And since we've been listening to The Carpenters on repeat, I just keep thinking about how sad that Karen died at such a young age. I have thought about writing her brother a letter or sending him a video of baby Christina listening to Karen sing so that he and his family can know how her music has blessed my sweet Christina and that over 30 years after her passing people still love and adore her music. I just don't want to seem like a creepy fan! Your thoughts? Creepy or showing appreciation?