Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fun in the Mountains

This weekend we headed out to the mountains for a fun outing. It was so nice to escape the scorching heat and feel the breeze and cool air. It's amazing to me how just a few minutes outside of Vegas there is wildlife and trees.

We didn't quite make it to the summit because James was getting fussy, but it was fun to get out and do something different. I'm not a huge hiker or outdoors kind of girl, but I could see us doing it again if for nothing else but to escape the heat again!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Birthday Boy

It's the birthday boy! I cannot believe it has already been two years since my baby James was born! Time has flown by. We gave James the option of going to McDonald's or In-n-Out (his two favorite places to eat out) by opening up a picture of each on the computer screen. Without hesitation he chose In-n-Out. I guess he's a Cali boy like his dad. 

He also got a shopping cart from is grandma Peggy and tons and tons of books from his grandma Tina. 

Here he is charging at me with the cart! My shins have gotten bruised as well as some dents in the furniture and walls. At least we haven't painted yet... But I love that he puts his new books in the back of the cart! Happy birthday James!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things lately

Over the past month James and I have been travelling. We spent three weeks in New York to visit my family and then another week in California with Brian's family. It was good to visit all our family on both coasts, but it's always good to get home and back in the swing of things. (Plus I think my Bishop (area Mormon church leader) thought I went inactive...)

James loves his Auntie Jenny! We miss her!

I also was able to spend time with my dearest friend Erica and her baby girl Fae! James and Fae play very well together and Fae doesn't let James mess with her! She can hold her own. They were pretty tired after playing---that explains their blank stares!

Here she is trying to kiss James and James rejecting! I hope he is still as strong to resist a lady's wiles in 14 or so years! 

James and I probably watching Fox and the Hound. Which, by the way, is a super depressing movie. Why do kids like that movie? And it's scary!

Since we got back home to Vegas we have been in Spring Cleaning mode, which by the way is my favorite time of year! I am always in the mood to go through things, throw away/donate things, but this is the only time when Brian is too and we can just plow through the house getting stuff cleaned out and put away. We've gotten so much done, but there are still projects to be done (cough, painting, cough. If you see/talk to Brian, please remind him of this for me.)

Some other changes with the Nelsons are mostly with James. Brian and I are mostly boring and have exciting things change on about a yearly to even two year basis. But James is always changing and doing and saying funny things. Recently, everything and I mean EVERYTHING is either a gun or a sword. I don't mind this generally, because I think it's very boyish and manly, but it has became a wee bit of a problem because now he swings at and hits unarmed people. We even made a rule with him that he is allowed to sword fight, but he must always bring his opponent a "sword" (which is usually the hose attachments to the vacuum) so they can defend themselves! Another new thing with James is that he loves baby dolls. (He is a very dynamic boy!) When we were in California he spent a large amount of time just carrying around an old Cabbage Patch doll and if he wasn't carrying her he would either bring her to me to hold (very responsible) or he would push her around in a little stroller.

Sorry this one is blurry---it must have been an action shot! He was a little wild with the babies, but it's a start!

James loved having grandma and grandpa's big yard and all the toys to play with. I might be too protective, but I hate trampolines and I said I would never let my kids play on them, but I buckled! James spent hours on the trampoline with all the cousins and had a blast. He even learned how to jump and now he jumps not only a trampoline. (I don't know when kids usually learn how to jump (maybe he's behind) but James could never figure it before!)

We also enjoyed the Cali beach and hanging out by the pool. I grow up in a non-beach family, but I really like it now!

James has also recently started singing. He has started to sing when the congregation sings in church and just today he was singing along with the Law & Order theme music---we are so proud!

Speaking of law, Brian recently started a new job working as a law clerk for a law firm here in Vegas. The firm practice is mainly in the areas of estate planning, guardianship, and probate. Brian enjoys this type of law and could see himself practicing this type of law. Only one more year of law school and then some big decisions will be headed our way!