Thursday, January 26, 2012

A fun family day

One of the great things about living in Vegas is that we can go to the park in the middle of January! Coming from New York this is so foreign to me. (It's not foreign to my SoCal hubby---they go to the beach on Christmas. That's just crazy to me!)

Notice my Diet Coke?

Brian and his Mini-me.

My squinty and light sensitive eyes. My dad would always yell at me because my eyes are closed in every family picture we have ever taken outside. He thought I was faking it. I promise I wasn't! He will be glad to know that James does not appear to have inherited this trait of mine!

I love how he is sleeping with his books in his hand. James is just such a nice and fun boy he makes us want to have like a million babies (that's for Doug ;) ). 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bye-bye baby, hello BOY!

(So handsome and boho!)

(Still handsome, but tamed)

I was only sad to cut his hair because it had a little curl to it and it was so baby soft. He's still adorable of course, he just now has a very boyish look. But sadly it's now pin-straight. Oh well - such is life.