Saturday, December 22, 2012

James at 2.5 years old

Today James is exactly 2 and a half years old. And man, has time flown by! Last night I snuck (sneaked?) into James' room after I had put him in bed and I snapped this picture. I think it perfectly describes him at this age!

I love the juxtaposition of a bottle of milk and a sword (I'm afraid of what Freud would think of it...) He can be such a big boy in many ways, but still my little baby boy in others. 

Other things about James at 2.5 years old:
-He loves all things guns, swords, or otherwise weapon related
-He loves to be a helper--like when I'm cooking/cleaning or when Brian is doing any kind of project James wants to be right in the middle "helping"
-He loves riding his bike around the neighborhood
-Loves going on outings to Home Depot, Target, and Costco (and getting lunch or a snack when we go!)
-He hates going to the Post Office and in fact, he will tantrum when he recognizes the parking lot
-he loves going to other people's houses (he likes to explore and see people other than just me and Brian!)
-James loves In-N-Out Burger (Brian taught him well!)
-He can count to 3 and if you ask him how old he is he will say he's 3
-He can be very naughty in our church meetings and is usually bribed with food to behave and be quiet
-If you ask him what his name is he will say, "me" and point to himself (He will not say James, we've tried!)
-He can do simple chores and if you ask him to get something he probably will
-He likes to watch cartoons (With direction, we let him chose what to watch on Netflix and I always wonder how he decides because if you put the wrong thing on he will tell you. It is amazing how many preferences a little kid can already have!)
-He hits, tantrums and yells "NO" and this happens in public sometimes
-James loves to smell candles
-He likes to pretend eat play-dough, and only sometimes forgets to pretend
-When Brian gets home from work/school and the garage door open, James hears it and bolts out to the garage to greet Brian
-He loves gum, dried mangoes and the raw tortillas from Costco, banana peppers, and stealing sips of my Diet Coke!
-He loves daddy, but is definitely a mama's boy

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My New Do

It took me forever to grow my hair out and I was planning on keeping it long, at least for awhile. But over the summer I became anemic and nearly half of my hair fell out over just a couple months. Yikes, I know! I was getting noticeable bald spots and it was looking really sparse. My hair reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer - no, not gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer, but the witch she played in Stardust when the witches were losing their hair and looking old and very wrinkly.

And here is the after. It is a fun change and it feels fuller and I can conceal where I lost my hair much better with this shorter cut. My husband is of the belief that longer is always better when it comes to women's hair, so sorry honey, but he's getting used to it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Tis the Season...

'Tis the season to be silly! James is always "creative" when it comes to getting into mischief. It must be "only child syndrome" because I think he gets pretty bored with me most of the day and he figures out ways to entertain himself. So I guess kudos to that!

I guess he doesn't know yet that Santa will be putting toys and goodies in those stockings, but for now they are pretty cute thigh-highs. Happy December everyone!

Monday, December 3, 2012

James looks like Ralphie

I was shopping at Costco and saw A Christmas Story for sale. As I picked up the DVD the first thing I thought was that if I threw those glasses on James, he would look just like Ralphie! Granted James is a few years younger but I still can see the comparison! 

And the more I thought about how similar James looks to Ralphie, I also decided that James also acts just like him too! Sassy, naughty, disobedient, funny, and loves guns! So I bought the movie because it is such a hilarious movie for Christmastime and I think James will love to watch it!