Monday, April 29, 2013

Bring Your Son to Work Day

Brian has finished law school! Hip-Hip Hooray for him! All that's left to do is walk for graduation then take and pass the Nevada Bar Exam. Because it was Brian's last day of his externship at the court for Judge Sturman he brought James and me for a visit. 

James got to play Judge and sit in her seat and use the gavel. 

But he was more interested in looking at the TV monitor that had his picture on it!

It was a fun day and we are so proud of Brian and all his hard work!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

21 weeks

21 Weeks Pregnant

The belly is growing! So we had our 20 week ultrasound which was a total bust. The baby was completely curled up in a ball and the technician tried to poke and push the baby to get him/her to move for over 45 minutes to no avail. We were unable to gather any reliable measurements or scans and the baby's gender is still unknown! Hopefully by May we will have more information on the mini-Nelson!

Otherwise all is going well with the pregnancy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Trip to California Pt 2

During our trip to southern California James was able to play with all of his cousins on both sides sans one!(We missed you little Benjamin!) A total of 14 cousins! James really had such a blast!

Went to the beach, I loved it but James was not a huge fan! 

He would try to only walk on the towels so his feet didn't have to touch the sand. What a baby!

James and grandma, who James ADORES! 

We went to the Rainbow outlet and we stocked up on some discounted Rainbow sandals and James got his first pair!

The store has these really oversized shoes all throughout.

Another day we went to a little petting zoo with our cute cousin Miley. They had a blast seeing animals and riding ponies.

We also get to see our cute cousins Katie and Abby! James and Abby were instant friends and James thought everything Abby did was fun and fabulous! It was cold and windy at the pier and tons of crazy waves. 

It was a fun and busy trip to California and James had so much fun and he realized how boring our house is and how way more fun Grandma's is! We can't wait to go back and visit again!

Trip to California Pt 1

James and I took a trip to California to visit Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. Brian has been busy with school, work, and church, so I decided to get out of town for a little vacation with James. We had a really early flight and I knew I would have to wake up James way before sun came up so I decided to have a little present for him at the bottom of the stairs to improve his mood. It was a Spiderman suitcase! Pretty fancy, I know! And James agreed!

 A pretty happy guy for 4:30 in the morning! Spinning our spidey webs!

When we made it to California it was time to explore grandma and grandpa's house. And there was lots to do!



Riding cars

Lego loft

He had so much fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend with Friends

We had a fun Easter weekend with some friends. We had fun playing in the water at this outside mall and let the kid cool off in the heat! 

On Sunday we had church and then had a big dinner followed by a little egg hunt with candy and stickers.

It was wonderful to remember and celebrate the joy from Jesus' Atonement and Resurrection! Happy Easter to all!