Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weight Loss Follow-up

Back in January I posted about the weight loss challenge that I, my husband, and my dad all did. The challenge was to lose 10 percent of our body weights as of Christmastime. And congratulations go out to all of us because we all are very competitive and we all reached our goals! Brian even lost ten pounds more than his goal weight! (He looks awesome by the way and now he needs a new suit because the one he has actually falls off of him even with a belt!)

Total Weight Loss from July 2011- Current
Christina: 175 to 130; Size 14 to 4 
Brian: 260 to 200

So since Christmas, I went from a size 10 to now a size 4 which ended up being 20 pounds that I lost since the challenge. Brian lost 40 pounds since our challenge began in December. He went from 260 to 200 pounds!   

So here are the before and after pictures:


These pictures are just over a year apart to show my total weight loss of 45 pounds (not just since Christmas because there isn't that much of a difference in pictures of the last 20 lbs) since I stopped breastfeeding. 


This is Brian about a year ago at about 260. And now he is smokin' at 200 lbs. I tried to convince him put on a nicer outfit for the picture but he insisted that he doesn't wear "outfits", so this is all I got. 

So in order to maintain our weights we are doing subsequent follow-up weigh-ins for six months from now and a year from now to make sure we stay on track. We are still working out the details of prizes to win or punishments for failing. 

I am also deciding to not eat any desserts, treats, or candy for an entire year with no exceptions (until June 1st, 2013). I started it the beginning of this week and have been good so far! I will continue to eat how I otherwise eat, so meals won't significantly change and I will continue my normal exercise routine. I'm doing it partly for health reasons, partly to see if I CAN do it, and lastly as a social experiment. I want to see how often I am offered desserts and have to then deny them. I want to keep track of how pushy people are about me trying desserts. I want to see if it gets easier or harder, do my preferences change, do I lose any weight, etc. So wish me luck and anyone is welcome to join me!