Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Monkey

So the reason I didn't get upset with James when I came into the room and found him doing this was because I mean how could I be mad!? He was so cute! I purposely leave a bowl of fruit out that is in James' reach so he can help himself to a healthy snack if he is hungry. He usually just takes ONE banana, orange or whatever it may be and brings it to me to peel it. But on this day he thought he was clever because he had figured out how to peel the bananas and had a fun time doing so, only taking one or two bites from each. I ended up making green smoothies with all the leftover bananas. 

And though it is sad to admit, I too was a messy child! Like seriously, what was I eating? Jam!?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Backyard Part 2

We finished the backyard. And by "we" I mean that Brian finished the backyard with my moral support. My husband is so cute--he would be outside working and he would frequently poke his head inside and beg me to come outside and hang out and talk with him. Sometimes I would go out, especially if the sun was out and I could tan for a few minutes. I guess my hubby just likes me a lot! I am a lot of fun ;)

Here is the Part 1 for those interested. And here is a picture of the finished backyard. And if you want to read more about the process or see more pictures, check out my husband's blog.

Our current project is the garage. Brian painted the walls since it was ugly, dirty and had incorrect mathematical  equations graffiti on the walls. (Strange.) And the next step is to epoxy seal the floor. Then we will move on to the things that I really want to fix! Which is painting inside the house and fixing the bathrooms. Seriously, who steals bathroom cabinet doors?

Our house was previously foreclosed on so there were some major things missing like an AC, oven, stove, dishwasher, lights, windows, and the list goes on. And some other minor things like bathroom cabinet doors, for instance. The major things we fixed or replaced immediately after buying the house, but the minor things have been more of an inconvenience and we are just starting to get to those!

But we have loved our home and we are loving making it our own! It has been fun for me to learn a lot of new things about home improvement and I'm lucky to have such a handyman husband!