Thursday, May 28, 2015

Superhero Babies & Cuddling Babies

James like many boys (and men alike) is big into all the Marvel Superheros. And his sisters get incorporated into his plots as he plays superheros at home. His current favorites have been Spiderman and Batman. But it seems he has liked all of them at one time or another. 

He spent a few hours one day making himself a Batman costume because I wouldn't immediately
 take him to the store to buy one. He then proceeded to make each sister a coordinating Batman headband.

Bat Babies!

And Bat-Bum!

After the girls ditched the Batman gear, Christina found Claire to cuddle with. It seems that Christina always makes her way over to Claire no matter where we put her! The other day, both girls were hanging out on the floor and Claire got upset and was crying. Before I had a chance to tend to her, Christina had made her way over to Claire and began softly touching her face and hands with hers. I can only assume it was to help soothe and give loves to Claire. Christina is such a sweet, big sister! 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Claire at 6 months

What they say about the third child is true (Who's they anyway? I never know). We hardly take pictures of Claire, she gets dragged out of the house during her nap time, we put her on the floor for diaper changes, we give her things from off the floor, and the list goes on. I'm sure Claire is not the only third child to fall prey (We've been watching a lot of Planet Earth lately) to "neglectful" parenting. I was the fourth child of my parents, so who knows that they did or didn't with me and I turned out relatively okay. But seriously, does anyone actually buy those wipe warmers? Like even for their first child? I was never that nice of a mother!

And in case you are worried, we do feed her (like you couldn't tell from those thunder thighs!) She loves breast milk, sweet potatoes, and pinto beans (and apparently Diet Coke -- you can ask Brian about that one. Let's just say desperate times calls for desperate measures!) We do hold her and give her developmental "tummy time," etc. (Even though I think it is silly that doctors prescribe it because all healthy babies naturally do this anyway and learn to roll on their tummies whether or not you give them the prescribed "tummy time." Even Christina figured it out on her own!)

In all my picture taking of Christina we have managed to snap a few of Claire. But seriously, only a few!

I wouldn't say that Claire and Christina play together but Christina does like to climb all over Claire like a jungle gym and has been caught gnawing on her feet. (Claire is okay with the climbing, not so much the biting!)

Oh man, that ham hock is so yummy! And she loves her little lamb lovey!

I can see some resemblance between Claire and me in this photo (Yep, that's my dad). I think it might just be the big, chubby cheeks and turned-up nose though!